The Tournament

eBasketball Open 2021 is the first of PGeS' NBA 2K22 tournaments. Teams from the Czech Republic will have the chance to compete for a total prize money of 2200 EUR and to compete against European teams.

How does it work?

The tournament will be held in two separate parts – Czech Republic and Europe, where the winners of both qualifiers will compete in the final for the winner of the whole tournament.

In the group part of the tournament, it will be a one-all, one-win game. After advancing to the playoffs, the system will change to two wins (BO3).

At the same time, the tournament will be used for scouting players of the Czech national team, which will be established by PGes and CZ.BASKETBALL during the autumn of 2021, so that it can enter international tournaments under the FIBA banner from 2022.

The first part of the tournament will take place on 5.12. and the final itself will be December 12. It starts at 5 pm (CET) on both dates.

For tournament communication, you may use Discord.

So what's next?

For us at PGeS, this is just the beginning – next year we are planning to launch a league and two more major tournaments – in NBA 2K22, of course