PGeS is a newly established innovative division of Pragosport. Its vision is to follow new trends, including esports as one of the sectors of the future. It is slowly but surely developing in the Czech Republic, which is why PGeS wants to be a part of it. Basketball in the form of NBA 2K sports has not yet taken on such strong roots in the Czech Republic as FIFA or NHL games, but it is now even more challenging to use its potential. In the field of sports, PGeS is currently involved in its project, as well as information service and the creation of a 5v5 community and boot camps with a coach. PGeS also has the vision to create a regular league and, in cooperation with CZ.BASKETBALL, also the Czech national team, in addition to cooperating with various gaming organizations.

Apart from CZ.BASKETBALL, PGeS's very strong partners in its projects also include KFC and Playstation, who see potential in the field of esport and an interesting target group of active people.